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Dealer FAQs

Q. What is the Service Payment Plan (SPP)?
A. Service Payment Plan, Inc. (SPP) is the market leader in providing short-term interest-free payment plans that allow purchasers of vehicle service contracts (VSCs) to pay for the contract without financing it as part of the vehicle monthly payment.
Q. How do I register my account online?
A. Service Payment Plan, Inc. (SPP) is the market leader in providing short-term interest-free payment plans for the purchase of vehicle service contracts (VSCs). SPP offers a convenient 0% interest payment option to pay for your service contract without financing it as part of your monthly car payment. With SPP you can drive worry free at a price that's affordable and steer clear of unexpected repair costs.
Q. How can SPP help increase sales of vehicle service contracts?
A. By partnering with SPP you'll have an opportunity to grow service contract sales and revenue as well as increase customer satisfaction! SPP can help you provide customers with a convenient and flexible way to purchase the contract they want without increasing their monthly car payments.
Customers will appreciate the choices you give them with SPP installment plans all while receiving the protection they need at an affordable price. SPP has a reliable full-time staff to help process payments, answer customer calls, and provide a full range of reports to retain and boost your sales In addition, customers can access their account 24/7 on our convenient Customer Portal (www.myspp.com) in order to manage their payment information and schedule.
That means better customer relationships, more repeat business, referrals, and revenue. In short, SPP is an effective way to build your short-term and long-term business.
Q. How does the installment plan work?
A. It's easy! The customer pays a minimum 10% of the service contract price at the time of purchase. The balance is then paid through equal monthly payments made by direct debit to the customer's checking/savings account or by a monthly charge to a major credit or debit card.
Q. How do I change my payment date?
A. To change your payment date log in to www.myspp.com or call our Customer-service Department at 800-346-5990.
Q. Who is this plan good for?
A. SPP is especially helpful for the customers who have a set monthly car payment in mind, purchase their vehicle for cash, have pre-arranged vehicle financing, or buy a contract after taking delivery of their vehicle.
Q. What is the cost of using SPP?
A. All of our plans are extremely reasonable and are designed to fit your dealership. For specific pricing plans and options please give us a call at 800-346-5990
Q. That sounds great, how do I sign up?
A. For more details about SPP, how it adds to your opportunities, and the real growth potential it offers, call 800-346-5990. We look forward to hearing from you.